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The Roots’ ?uestlove: “i know we make light of me never getting sleep and overworking. but i’ll say that he didn’t go in vein. i will do my best to slow down as to not overwork myself to the point in which i can’t even enjoy life anymore. im am devastated over this but we all have memories. i just hope that he will get due justice in all the press memorials and whatnot. i know he was mired in controversy the last decade of his life but i think its time we let him rest in peace and learn to separate the ART and the ARTIST. –that is the MJ i will forever remember.” (via Twitter)

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus: “first album i ever bought was thriller. with birthday money. on cassette. for my brand new sony walkman. truth. rest in peace” (via Twitter)

Kelly Clarkson: “Someone pinch me! RIP Michael. My thoughts and wishes go out to his family. We’ll always love you Michael! <3" (via Twitter)

Amanda Palmer: “oh god…michael jackson just died. one of my childhood heros. moment of silence, sorrow and reflection on a massive talent & tragic life” (via Twitter)

twitter search script sees roughly 15% of all posts on Twitter mentioning Michael Jackson.

'The death of a dream'. An illustration of how high the price of fame can be. RIP Michael Jackson, may you finally find peace.
A lot of us grew up with MJ. With his passing, many of us will feel that a piece of us has passed along with him. Precious memories.

Още от Kelly Rowland
I just saw the MJ performance with DC!!!!! (tears) Michael inspired SO MANY!!!!! I remember being SO nervous before that show!
When MJ thumbs you up, makes you wanna work even harder!!!!! Never saw that footage

двете с Solange си пишат и истерясват.
Вижте банера в най-големия форум на Марая:

Whitney Houston said it was "hard to express in words" what Jackson meant to her.

"He was my friend," the pop diva said. "He was one of the reasons I got into the music business. He inspired me. He taught me. He laughed with me. He paved the way for African American artists to be played on MTV which was huge.

"My heart is full of grief for his family and his children and I pray that they take solace in the incredible legacy of his music and art."
Aretha Franklin blesses Michael Jackson's soul at the Hollywood Bowl

During her Friday night performance at the Hollywood Bowl, Aretha

Franklin made sure to pause and pay tribute to Michael Jackson.

Her first mention of the fallen pop star came when she asked her friend the Rev. Jesse Jackson to stand and take a bow, adding that he had flown into town "to be of comfort to the Jackson family."

Later, Franklin spoke of Michael Jackson as a "musical genius" and "a very kind and sensitive young man who never gave less than 150% when he hit the stage." Sitting at her piano, she bowed her head and said, "We do thank you, Michael, for every performance, for every kind thing you did, and we do want to take a moment in remembrance of Michael Jackson."

The near-capacity crowd then fell silent for several moments. Franklin concluded with a brief prayer, saying, "He moved on up, just a little bit higher now."

It was a touching offering from the Queen of Soul to the King of Pop.
QUOTE(RockTheBoat @ Jun 28 2009, 05:33 AM) *
"He moved on up, just a little bit higher now."

Това е толкова силно!... crying_anim02.gif

Заглавната страница на официалния сайт на Мадона:

QUOTE(damita @ Jun 28 2009, 05:38 AM) *
QUOTE(RockTheBoat @ Jun 28 2009, 05:33 AM) *
"He moved on up, just a little bit higher now."

Това е толкова силно!... crying_anim02.gif

Pop's bigest names to record a tribute MJ single

THE biggest music stars on the planet are gearing up to release a Michael Jackson tribute single - and they're using Glasto to set it in motion.

In fact Glastonbury became Jacksonbury as news of his death spread and top acts came together to talk - and plan.

Jacko's musical friends in the States have already started discussions with pop's big names - including Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake - about the record. And Glasto stars the Black Eyed Peas (the band's will.i.am worked with him recently), Lady GaGa and Lily Allen are expected to join them.

Girls Aloud babe Nicola Roberts told me the band were "devastated" - and committed them to the tribute.

She said: "We're all huge Michael Jackson fans so it was upsetting. I would love to get involved in a tribute. I know Girls Aloud would all be up for it as we are all such big fans." Jacko's mates are also desperate to get Sir Paul McCartney to come on board as well.

An insider on site told me: "Michael's friends in LA want him to be honoured with a huge charity single. It will be one of his biggest songs performed by the biggest music stars in the world.

"There's been a lot of talk about it at Glastonbury because so many people want to be involved."

Many of the acts are also being lined up to appear at a giant Jacko memorial concert in London where the song would be performed. And Gavin and Stacey star Mat Horne has offered to organise and host the event. He told me backstage: "I can't believe it. He was a legend. I want to organise a tribute concert. I think I'd be perfect to front it."

Singing starlet VV Brown's friends were working on Jacko's comeback album with will.i.am. She said: "My friends tell me that what he had done on the album was really good. It could have been his best album. So it's heartbreaking."

Top rapper Dizzee Rascal made a personal tribute during his set by rapping over Billie Jean and Thriller, one of the evening's highlights. Later he told me: "I actually loved that man. He was such an inspiration to me."

Gutted Number One star Tinchy Stryder added: "I find it hard to talk about because the more I talk about it the more real it becomes. I'm still really stunned."

Crooner Paolo Nutini admitted the news put a major downer on the whole festival, saying: "It took a while to sink in here. Everyone's still feeling really shaken up."

Franz Ferdinand front man Alex Kapranos isn't keen on the planned tribute, warning: "Nobody can sing his songs but him." He added: "His early music was truly great, and he should be remembered for that despite all the circus surrounding him towards the end of his life."
За пореден път - дано! За пореден път - той го заслужава!

British supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has paid tribute to MICHAEL JACKSON, branding him the "first global superstar".
Campbell starred in the video promo of the singer's 1991 track In The Closet, and struck up a firm friendship with the King of Pop.
The beauty was devastated to learn of his passing on Thursday (25Jun09) after he suffered a cardiac arrest - and has paid a moving tribute to the man she calls an "all-time great".
She tells Vibe.com "I grew up with Michael Jackson, he was a good friend and the most exciting and innovative entertainer to have lived.
"No artist has connected to their audience like Michael and no one will ever be able to match what he has achieved. He gave back to people through his charity work and was an amazing father and human being.
"Michael touched people of every race, nationality, age and was the first truly global superstar. He is one of the all-time greats and his role in popular culture will never be surpassed and never ever be forgotten."
"The video is smoldering in its simplicity, and is devoid of the special effects and super-embellished wardrobe that had become his trademark, showcasing a new confidence in Michael, his hair pulled off his face in a simple straight ponytail.
"This confidence to be able to simplify and step away from what people expected from him struck a particular chord with me, at the time a young woman growing up in London, and it is something I hold true to to this day. Thank you, Michael."
eva_MJ_the biggest fen
Наоми... crying_anim02.gif
eva_MJ_the biggest fen
Радио и телевизия CITY също скърби за краля на попа, като на всеки кръгъл час ще излъчваме по една песен на легендарния изпълнител.
didka mj
QUOTE(nik @ Jun 28 2009, 12:18 PM) *
Заглавната страница на официалния сайт на Мадона:

crying_anim02.gif crying_anim02.gif crying_anim02.gif не мога да се спра... crying_anim02.gif
Марая в Туитър:

"Getting ready to shoot the video for "Obsessed" tomorrow. Listening to "Rock w/you" by The King of Pop! Loveya"
eva_MJ_the biggest fen
не знам дали не се повтарям
Красимир Аврамов скърби за Майкъл, подарява му песен
Писмо на Красимир Аврамов по повод кончината на поп иконата

Светът загуби един голям творец, една своя икона. Дълбоко шокиран съм и разстроен от новината за неговата смърт. Изпитвам огромна тъга. Той беше част от света на всички нас.

Израстнал съм с неговите песни през 80-те. Един от най-гениалните музиканти на нашето съвремие, той промени лицето на поп музиката завинаги.

Майкъл Джексън беше една Вселена. Всички се опитвахме да го достигнем, но Майкъл беше недостижим.

Ще бъде много празно и пусто в сърцата ни без него. Съпричастен съм към болката и огромната мъка на неговото семейство и приятели, на милионите му почитатели, на всички хора по света, които го обичаха.

Посвещавам в негова памет песента „Set Me Free” от предстоящия ми албум, написана съвместно с неговата композиторка Саид Гарет.

Макар и легенда, Майкъл Джексън беше много самотен в душата си, унищожен от критиките и нападките срещу него, заобиколен от фалш и лицемерие.

Дано там, където си сега, има мир и покой за душата ти, Майкъл, и се чувстваш свободен. Дълбок поклон пред таланта и пред паметта на Краля на Попа!

Красимир Аврамов

eva_MJ_the biggest fen
Елица Тодорова е покрусена от смъртта на Майкъл Джексън
Елица скърби за Майкъл Джексън

Певицата и барабанистка Елица Тодорова е покрусена от новината за смъртта на гениалния Майкъл Джексън.

“Винаги съм се възхищавала и вдъхновявала от Майкъл Джексън. Той е легенда, колос и титан, чрез музиката си той ще живее вечно. Милиони хора по света плачат сега заедно с нас!”

Това сподели Елица в интервю за Дарик радио днес, 26 юни 2009 г.

Още като дете във Варна Елица е била върла фенка на Майкъл Джексън и непрекъснато е ходела с лепенки по пръстите като него.

По неофициални данни Джексън е поочинал вчера от сърдечен удар, час след първия пристъп. А повод за това са голямо количество наркотици, хапчета и алкохол, поети заедно.

Семейството на легендарния певец ще даде изявление до края на деня след аутопсията му. Светът е в траур.

QUOTE(damita @ Jun 27 2009, 02:28 PM) *
Eто това вече ме срина. Моята душица с треперещ глас: My hero has passed away. И цялата зала пее "I love you, Michael, Thank you, Michael". Винаги съм искала да я слушам как пее негови песни. Никога не съм си представяла, че ще е по такъв повод. Плача с глас!...

НИКОГА не съм се съмнявал, че Бионсе ще направи нещо такова. Тя е страхотен човек! Невероятно изпълнение, особено финалът. Knowles has never been shy about acknowledging Jackson’s influence! БРАВО!
QUOTE(Unbreakable @ Jun 28 2009, 11:06 PM) *
QUOTE(damita @ Jun 27 2009, 02:28 PM) *
Eто това вече ме срина. Моята душица с треперещ глас: My hero has passed away. И цялата зала пее "I love you, Michael, Thank you, Michael". Винаги съм искала да я слушам как пее негови песни. Никога не съм си представяла, че ще е по такъв повод. Плача с глас!...

НИКОГА не съм се съмнявал, че Бионсе ще направи нещо такова. Тя е страхотен човек! Невероятно изпълнение, особено финалът. Knowles has never been shy about acknowledging Jackson’s influence! БРАВО!

О,Боже едва сега го видях.Разцифрих се,милата душица колко ли страда и тя. crying_anim02.gif
Страхотно изпълнение и особено вълнуващо накрая! Бионсе е прекрасна!
Michael Jackson was the King of artistic genius, of dance, of innovation and fantasy. He reinvented the pop genre and found a new way to articulate music through images that will last forever. Of his voice Frank Sinatra once said that he was "the only singer I've seen who was better than me." With his death, the King is transformed into a Legend for all time. My profound sympathy to his family, fans and loved ones.

Shakira - official site

Very sad about Michael's departure. Michael Jackson fue el rey de la genialidad artstica, de la innovacion y la fantasia. Lo extranaremos.
Shakira - Twitter
Теди Райли плаче:

Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind. He has been a close friend of mine for 20 years. His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever. I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

I love you Michael.


Aussie friends of Jackson 'shocked'

By Peter Mitchell
June 26, 2009 10:10am

AN Australian family who met Michael Jackson more than 20 years ago and became lifelong friends was devastated by the pop star's surprise death.

Joy Robson, mother of choreographer Wade Robson, said her family could not come to terms with the news the King of Pop was dead.

”We are all in shock right now,” Ms Robson, sobbing heavily, said.
”We're devastated.”

A Los Angeles County Coroner's office spokesman has confirmed Jackson had died.

Lieutenant Fred Corral told CNN Jackson, 50, was pronounced dead at 2:26pm (0726 AEST) local time after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest.

The Robsons, formerly of Brisbane, befriended Jackson when Wade, at the age of five, won a dance competition in Australia where first prize was a meeting with the star.

When Jackson toured Australia in 1987 the pop star invited Wade to perform at his Brisbane concert.

Two years later, with the help of Jackson, the Robsons moved to the US so Wade could pursue his dancing career.

Wade appeared in three of Jackson's music videos, Black or White, Jam and Heal the World and today, at the age of 26, is one of the world's most renowned choreographers, hosting his own MTV series The Wade Robson Project, working with Britney Spears and N'SYNC and winning two Emmy Awards.

Wade, Ms Robson and her daughter, Chantal, were called as witnesses at Jackson's 2005 molestation trial in California.

Jackson was eventually acquitted.

The Robsons spent many nights at Jackson's Neverland Ranch. After Jackson's acquittal in 2005, the Robsons were again in tears, but back then it was tears of happiness.

”I've never questioned Michael,” Ms Robson said in 2005.

”That's the bottom line. I've never ever had a second of a concern.

”I don't care what people say of me.

”You have to know Michael to understand.

”I've always said to Michael I wished the world could know the Michael we do.

”He's not what the media makes him out to be.”

Jackson, aged 50, died in Los Angeles today, although a cause of death is yet to be officially announced.

Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at Jackson's $US100,000 ($A124,378.11) a month rented mansion in the exclusive LA suburb of Holmby Hills, just after midday.

He was taken to the nearby UCLA Medical Centr e but was pronounced dead.

Michael Jackson's friendship remembered

Robyn Ironside and Sophie Elsworth
June 27, 2009 12:00am

A MEMBER of a Slacks Creek family Michael Jackson took to America 17 years ago yesterday remembered her gentle friend.

Chantal Robson, who became friends with Jackson after younger brother Wade won a talent contest in 1986 impersonating the star, said she learned of his death the same way millions of others did – through the media.

"I got a text message from Wade saying 'turn on the TV, I really hope this is a hoax'," she said from Los Angeles.

"People kept sending texts and emails saying 'I'm so sorry' and I was feeling really mad because I didn't want to believe it was real."

Chantal last saw Jackson at his 2005 trial for child molestation – at which she, Wade and her mother testified for the defence.

Jackson was acquitted of all charges and they have kept in regular contact since.

"Wade spent time with him and his children in Vegas recently. He was healthy and happy. He was finally getting through everything," she said.

She said if it was not for Jackson her family may not have moved to the US where Wade's career has flourished.

"I'm also a choreographer and my mum's an agent. Life in America has been very good to us and it's all thanks to Michael," Chantal said.

She said the private Michael Jackson was different to his public persona. "He's shy but he's so intelligent . . . the smartest person I've ever met and his kids are exactly the same. Incredibly intelligent," she said.

Brother Wade had been devastated by Jackson's death, Chantal said.

"He's having some time alone with his wife to process everything in LA. We'll get together soon and share memories.

"It just makes me kind of angry that it's taken his death for people to finally talk about how wonderful he actually was. He was always wonderful."

Fans across Brisbane, including Alexandra Lyons, 29, and Charlotte Henin, 20, fought back tears yesterday when they learned of Jackson's death.

"You always remember where you are when someone dies like Princess Diana and Michael Jackson is a bit more my era so it affected me. I have so many of Michael Jackson's No.1 songs and a DVD, I was just so upset," Mrs Lyons said.

HMV's Queen Street store manager Kristi Howard said every one of the pop sensation's items had sold out within an hour of the store opening.

"It's a surprise, you always expect unfortunately when someone does pass away that there is a hike in sales but we didn't expect to sell this amount of stock," Ms Howard said.

Events guru Harvey Lister said Jackson was arguably the greatest performer Brisbane had seen.

Mr Lister recalled The Jackson 5's debut performance at Brisbane's now defunct Festival Hall on June 23, 1973.

"I remember being there for their sound check in Festival Hall and in those days he (Jackson) was just 14, everybody referred to him as 'Little Michael Jackson'," he said.

The king of pop returned to Brisbane in November 1987 when he had well and truly cemented his position as the biggest rock star on the planet with his international chart-topping album, Bad.

"When (he) walked on stage and just stood there, the noise of the crowd was absolutely deafening. He didn't do a thing, he just stood there ," Mr Lister said.
Теди... crying_anim02.gif Кога ли ще спрат сълзите ни... crying_anim02.gif
Mark Lester: Michael Jackson asked if I wanted to be Blanket's godfather: Friend Mark Lester gives a touching insight into the tortured singer

By Elizabeth Sanderson
Last updated at 1:16 AM on 28th June 2009

They were both childhood stars who made weekly transatlantic telephone calls to one another during a close friendship that lasted almost 30 years.

Mark Lester, who played the lead in the Seventies film Oliver!, and Michael Jackson had mutual trust and when they became fathers, they made each other godparent to their respective children

Indeed, Jackson, who spoke to Lester last Sunday, said he was planning to dedicate his opening London show to Mark’s daughter Harriet – and invite her on stage.

And according to Mark, who was often at the singer’s side during his most troubled times, Jackson was in good shape physically and emotionally and was looking forward to his mammoth run of O2 concerts.

Lester, 50, who turned his back on showbusiness when he was 19 and is now an osteopath in the West Country, spoke of his shock at his friend’s sudden death.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, he said: ‘Michael was absolutely sharp as a razor, really focused. It’s the best I’ve known him in a long time.

'He said he couldn’t wait to get back on stage and that his kids were going to see him perform – it was one of the main reasons for him doing the shows. That’s why the whole thing is such a shock.’

Lester said he finds it hard to believe reports the singer may have died as a result of using painkilling drugs.

‘I’ve never seen him taking anything or any evidence that he was on something,’ he said.

‘I’m an acupuncturist. One time he got a bad spider bite that wasn’t healing. I offered to treat it but he said, 'No, I hate needles, hate them.' That’s why I find it so bizarre that he was supposed to be having these injections.’

During their final conversation on Sunday, he said Jackson was excited about his comeback shows.

‘We were on the phone for about an hour and all of the kids spoke to him,’ he recalled. ‘We were talking about the show. He said he’d been rehearsing and he’d just done a Pop Idol-type competition with the dancers.

‘We wanted to sit at the front and he said we could have the whole front row. He was supposed to be coming over next week for rehearsals.

‘People have said he was suffering from stage fright but I don’t think Michael ever had stage fright. Performing was what charged him.

‘He told Harriet he wanted her to come on stage with him when he sang his song Dirty Diana. He was really fired up. I asked him what was in the show but he didn’t want to tell us too much. He said, 'I want it to be a surprise. You’re going to be amazed by it.'

‘He was so excited. His children had never seen him perform and he wanted them to see Daddy at what Daddy did best. That’s what Michael does. He loved the attention. He loved being Michael Jackson. He was driven by it.’

Lester now lives in Cheltenham with his second wife Lisa and his four child ren, Lucy, 17, Harriet, 15, Olivia, 14, and Felix, ten. He last saw Jackson in March when the singer asked him to accompany him to the O2 for the Press launch of the 50-date residency.

He said: ‘I was with him in the car on the way and he was really relaxed. Afterwards the whole family went to stay with him at The Lanesborough hotel. We went out to see Oliver! at the Theatre Royal and spent the whole weekend with him.

‘He did not look like a person who would drop dead a couple of months later. He wasn’t unfit. He showed no signs of being unwell.’

Lester also refused to accept rumours that Jackson may have taken his own life. He said: ‘There’s no way he would have done that. He was dedicated to his family. That was not even an option.’
Michael Jackson, from his days as part of The Jackson 5,

Child stars: Mark Lester and Michael Jackson became friends after both being young performers

It was 1982, just as the Thriller album was about to be released, when the pair first met. Jackson was on the brink of becoming, at that time, the most famous person in the world.

Lester was at home in London when Jackson’s manager called and said the singer would like to meet him. ‘I was with my sister at the time and she nearly fell off the chair,’ he recalls.

‘A few days later we went to see him at the Montcalm Hotel in Park Lane. He came over, gave me a hug and said, 'Mark, it’s so nice to meet you.'

‘I was very nervous but we had tea and then ordered up burgers and chatted. We shared a common baseline. He was much more famous than me but we had both been child stars and we were the same age. He said that in the teeny mags in America it would be him on one page, me on another and David Cassidy on another. He always used to say we were like the positive and negative, the black and white.’

Out of this surreal beginning grew an extraordinary bond. Lester became one of Jackson’s closest friends and allies and, in 2002, the singer asked him to be godfather to his youngest son, Prince Michael II – also known as Blanket. He also asked if he could become godfather to Lester’s children.

A ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas took place the following year.

‘It wasn’t religious but it was beautiful,’ said Lester. ‘Michael was a very spiritual person and had the room decorated with white roses. Afterwards we went back to the hotel room and ordered pizza.

‘Michael loved junk food. In March 2007 he came back to Cheltenham with us. It was the first time he’d been here. We watched DVDs and the kids played computer games.

‘I think we had pizza from Pizza Hut for lunch and in the evening we had fish and chips from the local shop. Michael loved fish, chips and mushy peas with lotsof ketchup. It was his favourite thing. Wherever we were, whatever restaurant, he’d have to have fish and chips. Everyone imagines he’d have some kind of weird macrobiotic diet, but he wasn’t like that.

‘The thing people never understood about Michael was that he was very clever at illusions. The thing with the veils was just an act. He used to say to me, 'I do it to create an illusion. I’m an illusionist.''

Jackson had traditional views and could be easily offended. Lester said: ‘We saw Billy Elliot and he was quite shocked at the language. He said he wouldn’t have taken the children if he had known. He was very firm with his own children. They weren’t spoilt.’

As a long-time friend, Lester was one of the few people allowed to see the real Jackson. ‘He was much more normal than people realised,’ he said.

‘We’d go out for dinner or a coffee and he would notice women walking past and say, 'She’s so cute, she’s got a nice tush,' but then he would be very apologetic. In many ways Michael was asexual, but he had an eye for beauty.’

Jackson turned to his friend for support during many of the most difficult periods of his life. It was Lester who was with him when he first watched the Martin Bashir documentary which led to his 2005 trial for sex abuse. And it was Lester who joined Jackson in Bahrain after he was cleared of all charges.

He said: ‘We were together in Miami when he saw it. Michael was just dumbstruck. He didn’t shout. I never heard him once raise his voice his whole life but he was very upset. Most of all he just seemed confused by it all.’

Lester said he saw nothing in the documentary that shocked him, not even the infamous scene in which the singer appeared holding the hand of 12-year-old cancer patient Gavin Arvizo, who later accused Jackson of abuse.

‘That was Michael. He didn’t see a problem with it. He just loved children. He saw himself as the Pied Piper.

‘At Neverland he had an enormous oil painting covering one wall and it was Michael as the Pied Piper leading hundreds of children of all colours, races, sizes.

‘Some were in wheelchairs. Michael was dancing and these kids were in a huge crocodile line behind him. He always told me he wrote his songs for the age group of ten to 14.

‘He would never do anything to hurt anyone and I don’t believe that anything ever happened with Gavin Arvizo. When I thought about what Michael did for that family, it made me sick to think that they could do that to him. The experience did make him more withdrawn. He took himself away and hid from everyone.’

In recent years, however, Jackson had picked himself up and was ready to look forward. It is this, according to Lester, that is the real tragedy.

He said: ‘When I saw him in March it was the best I’d seen him in a long time. He was on fighting form. He was always on the phone. Sometimes he’d put on a cockney accent. He’d talk about 'going up the apples and pears'.

‘It’s just so awful. You talk to him one minute and then he’s dead.’

Now Lester’s main concern is for the children, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. ‘The really upsetting thing is that the children have lost their whole world, not just their father. Michael was the most wonderful father. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like for them without him.’

Nor can he imagine quite what his own life will be like without the friend who has meant so much to him.

‘The loss is too great to take in,’ he said, ‘but I’m not the only one. It’s a loss to the whole world.’
the reader
На концертите си в София Ана Маура и Сара Тавареш също са почели Майкъл.

[b]This graph shows the surge in internet chatter about Michael Jackson on Twitter as reports came in that he had died
The number of Jackson tracks being listened to on the internet radio Last FM leaped following his death

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Eто това вече ме срина. Моята душица с треперещ глас: My hero has passed away. И цялата зала пее "I love you, Michael, Thank you, Michael". Винаги съм искала да я слушам как пее негови песни. Никога не съм си представяла, че ще е по такъв повод. Плача с глас!...

НИКОГА не съм се съмнявал, че Бионсе ще направи нещо такова. Тя е страхотен човек! Невероятно изпълнение, особено финалът. Knowles has never been shy about acknowledging Jackson’s influence! БРАВО!

О,Боже едва сега го видях.Разцифрих се,милата душица колко ли страда и тя. crying_anim02.gif


David Archuleta: Oh my heck…. Really really sad to hear about Michael sad.gif

Darren Hayes: My hero. I loved you. You made my world a better place. I am devastated.

Jordin Sparks: Omg I’m bawling right now. Michael…. My heart hurts. sad.gif

Mandy Moore: RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. What a tremendous loss in one day…. thoughts and prayers with their families and loved ones….

Ingrid Michaelson: This has blindsided me. I feel strange. and sad.

Marit Larsen: Michael Jackson really is dead. Just confirmed by CNN. A devastating end to the life of an extraordinary artist.

Calvin Harris: I can’t believe it, Michael Jackson rest in peace

Clique Girlz: We are devastated, we love you Michael, we were coming to the London shows to come and support you and meet you, you will always be our idol

Най-гледаните клипчета в ютуб
Jewel: what the heck?! i cant believe whats going on today, just got caught up on the news! we have new angels- MJ and Farrah…sigh…

Mika: I am so sadened by MJs death. I clung to those records throughout my childhood. A complete musical hero of mine. May he rest in peace.

Michelle Branch: Are you serious. (In shock) wow. What a weird day… Teaching Owen about Michael Jackson right now. Playing all these amazing songs. She’s 3 1/2 and she loves it. Amazing life changing music.

Delta Goodrem: 2 wake up 2 the news that M.Jackson has passed away is deeply felt 2 all around the world. i feel so thankful for him sharing his brilliance with us all! The many moments he has been present in all our lives through music. HE WILL LIVE ON FOREVER EVER IN SONG xxxLove & Light 2 him

Nicole Scherzinger: RIP Michael Jackson. I am devastated. Pray for his family and children. We have lost a true genius today. Be thankful for the ones you love.

JoJo: Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of our time and impacted millions and millions of people around the world. Artists can only imagine having a sliver of the success or the meaning that Mr. Jackson had. I just want to offer my sincerest condolences to the Jackson family. I can’t believe that he is gone. It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. One thing is for certain though- Michael Jackson will NEVER be forgotten. Irreplaceable, innovative, genius, captivating. Even posthumously, Mr. Jackson will continue to inspire people everywhere. Lets all remember this incredible man not for the scandals that may have surrounded him, but for the remarkable contributions he made to music and pop-culture as we know it. He will be GREATLY missed.

Знам че това не е официално но мен много ме трогна ... Whitney Houston


Lady Gaga “Hysterical” After Learning Michael Jackson Died

Rising pop star Lady Gaga was “hysterical” with grief upon learning legendary hitmaker Michael Jackson had died, according to reports out of the UK.

As we all know by now, the King of Pop died on Thursday at the age of 50.

The “Love Game” singer reportedly cancelled all interviews before her debut at Britain’s Glastonbury Music Festival after hearing the news and refused to leave her tour bus.

“Gaga was hysterical with grief. She could not be consoled and spent the day on the phone to her producer RedOne in America,” says a source in the star’s camp.

“They penned hits ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Just Dance’ together. He had been working with Michael on new material recently and was beside himself.”

Обама изрази съболезнованията си към семейство Джексън

Президентът на САЩ Барак Обама е предпочел да пише на семейството на Майкъл Джексън, за да изрази съболезнованията си, вместо да прави публична декларация за смъртта на "краля на попмузиката", заяви съветникът на президента Дейвид Акселрод. Според него това е било най-добрият начин за действие.

В писмото си Обама пише, че Майкъл Джексън е великолепен музикант с огромно значение, чийто живот е бил тъжен от много гледни точки, но влиянието му върху музиката и света на шоубизнеса е неоспоримо, каза Акселрод по телевизия Ен би Си, като подчерта, че споделя написаното.

Някои коментатори бяха изразили учудване, че Обама не е направи публично изявление след внезапната смърт на певеца, припомня Франс прес.
Звездите пеят за Джако!

Game, Chris Brown, Diddy, Usher, Boys II Men заедно сътвориха песен за Майкъл Джексън, наречена Better On The Other Side. Ето какво гласи тя:

Спомням си първия път, когато видях лунния танц.
Вярвах, че мога да постигна всичко.
Ти накара света да танцува,
ти накара музиката да се превърне в начин на живот.
Това е типът музика, който кара ангелите да плачат!
Поглеждам към небето и се чудя „Защо"???
Защо трябваше да си отиваш?
Знам, че е по-добре от другата страна
Ти беше избран още от началото!
Никога няма да те пусна от сърцето ми!
Липсваш ни!
Кой бе Майкъл Джексън?
Ти си Майкъл Джексън!
Аз съм Майкъл Джексън!
Всички ние сме Майкъл Джексън!
Това, което искам, е всеки да склони глава
и да си задържи дъха за секунда.
Сега издишай и хвани ръката на някого, когото обичаш наистина,
за да можеш да чуеш посланието ми, моята изповед.
Някой да каже на Usher, че видях лунния танц, предполагам, че младият „Triller" го е докоснал,
както докосна мен, както докосна теб.
Трябва да продължа неговото наследство,
затова, моля те запали свещичка!
Невероятна мелодия, аз и брат ми слушахме Джексън в хола.
Първото, което направих, е да се обадя на Пъфф,
защото той и Майкъл се опитаха да сложат край
на споровете ми. Кои бяха те? Тези, които пяха с Фифти (50 цент),
вече не съществуват, той и Майк Джаксън ще ни изкачат по стълбата!
Това е типът музика, който кара ангелите да плачат!
Поглеждам към небето и се чудя „Защо"???
Защо трябваше да си отиваш?
Знам, че е по-добре от другата страна.
Ти беше избран още от началото!
Никога няма да те пусна от сърцето ми!
Докато изливам алкохол, свещичките започват да трептят!
Когато за първи път си купих "Air 1 Nike" маратонки, MJ
ми бе идол.
Не този, който играеше баскетбол,
а този с холивудска звезда.
И понеже съм холивудска звезда, нека ви разкажа моята история.
Никога не съм имал добро семейство, никога не съм виждал Barry Gordi да минава през Interscope.
Точно като мен той винаги обичаше Майк.
Независимо какво казват, ще го обичам и той ще остане
легенда завинаги.
Нека ви върна назад до 85-та, когато бях толкова въодушевен, че танцувах за мама, облечен с яке като на Майк.
А сега карам със 150 и още малко и ще се блъсна,
слушайки Outcast - съжалявам г-жо Джексън!
Има ли нещо, с което мога да те успокоя? Синът ти беше като крал за нас, затова ще плачем с теб.
Пиша това писмо до всичките деца на Джексън, всички
сме твои деца. Но е време да те пуснем....
Това е типът музика, който кара ангелите да плачат!
Поглеждам към небето и се чудя „Защо"???
Защо трябваше да си отиваш?
Знам, че е по-добре от другата страна.
Ти беше избран още от началото!
Никога няма да те пусна от сърцето ми!
Хората могат да говорят, каквото си искат за теб!
Но ние няма да забравим чудесата, които ти ни показа
през музиката ти, през танците ти.
Ти си легенда!
Ти беше този, който ни накара да се осъзнаем...
че, ние сме светът.
Ти беше този, който ни накара да осъзнаем, че можем
да бъдем това, което искаме!
Ти даде звука!
Ти ни даде ритъма!
Ти ни даде душата си!
През нас наследството ти ще продължи да живее.
Никой не може да го спре сега.
И няма да спре сега!
Майк Джаксън!
Това е типът музика, който кара ангелите да плачат!
Поглеждам към небето и се чудя „Защо"???
Защо трябваше да си отиваш?
Знам, че е по-добре от другата страна
Ти беше избран още от началото!
Никога няма да те пусна от сърцето ми.
Почивай в мир Майк!
Поклон пред светлата ти памет.

Между 1000 и 2000 души се събраха на 28 юни в Париж под Айфеловата кула, за да отдадат почит на Майкъл Джексън, като пееха негови песни и танцуваха с легендарната "лунна походка". Събитието бе организирано от Facebook, където участието си бяха заявили 3000 души. Виждаха се плакати със снимки на певеца и надписи "Майкъл завинаги в сърцата ни". Много почитатели носеха същата черна шапка като на идола си или тениски с образа му, предаде Франс прес.
Това в Париж е било страхотно. Дано се появят снимки.
видео от Париж
QUOTE(Janet @ Jun 29 2009, 06:15 PM) *

Това е... Господи... Не знам как ще издържа да гледам погребението. Миличкият ми, дано усеща тази любов! Мисля, че сълзите ми никога няма да спрат.
Велико е! Дано тези неща продължат възможно най-дълго.
Толкова е красиво!!! angel.gif radosnice.gif
Благодаря за видеото Janet!
Всички, които съм subscribe-нал пускат трибюти. Имам дори музиканти в областа на електронната музика, които правят негови песни в такъв стил.
Пианисти, китаристи, тромпетисти...всички
нека! така трябва!
Само Петък, Събота и Неделя са вдигнали Майкъл до първото място в ласт.фм
Ани Лозанова
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