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Курвата от долината е отвлечена и пренесена като робиня на сватбата си от любовника й. Около петата минута започва цирка. Стефани е толкова доволна. ohh.jpg


The Wicked Witch of the East

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Открих канала на Ина в ютюб:


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Друг е моя hihi.jpg

От bold wikipedia
Brooke Logan

Fullname Brooke Logan
Nickname(s) Logan (by Ridge)
The W**** Of Beverly Hills, The Slut from the Valley (by Stephanie & Katie)
Mrs. Forrester (by Maya)
Namesake(s) Bridget Forrester
Gender Female
Born June 28, 1960
Age 59
Occupation Executive at Forrester Creations
Residence Logan Mansion
200 North Beston Place
Los Angeles, California

Crimes Committed
Hid Ridge Forrester’s love letter for Caroline Spencer Forrester on Caroline and Thorne Forrester's wedding day. (1987)
Cheated on Eric Forrester with Ridge Forrester. (1992)
Hid the fact Taylor Hayes was alive and tried to get her back in Morocco. (1994-95)
Kidnapped her children, Rick and Bridget Forrester and fled to Barbados. (1996)
Teamed up with Thorne Forrester to keep Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes Forrester apart, lying about Thomas Forrester's paternity. (1998)
Moved up her wedding day to prevent Taylor Hayes from ruining it. (1998)
Strangled Stephanie Forrester with a feather boa. (2003)
Paid Amber Moore to walk out of her son, Rick Forrester’s life.
Married Thorne Forrester while still having feelings for Ridge Forrester. (2001)
Dumped spaghetti sauce down Tricia Quick's shirt. (November 2002)
Tried to break Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes Forrester's marriage many times. (1990-2011)
Trapped her son, Rick Forrester into kissing another girl to break up his relationship with Amber Moore.
Slept with her daughter, Bridget Forrester's, husband, Deacon Sharpe, as well as having a daughter, Hope Logan with him. (2001-2002)
Slept with her daughter, Bridget Forrester's husband, Nick Marone.
Accidentally slept with her daughter, Hope Logan's, boyfriend, Oliver Jones, because she thought he was her husband, Ridge Forrester. (2010)
Slept with her sister, Katie Logan's, husband, Bill Spencer.
Slapped Taylor Hayes Forrester (2008, 2010, 2012).
Slapped Stephanie Forrester (2002).
Slapped Katie Logan for sleeping with Nick Marone (2008).
Tried to seduce a committed Deacon Sharpe but did kiss him.
Slapped Ashley Abbott (2007).
Slapped Amber Moore (2005).
Slapped Katie Logan (July 2013).
Slapped Ridge Forrester (Dec 2013).
Slapped Bill Spencer (2013).
Kissed Bill Spencer (2016).
Had another affair with Bill Spencer, lying to Katie Logan (2016).
Maladies and Injuries Edit
Was involved in a car accident, along with Macy Alexander Forrester; Suffered a cut in her head (2000).
Was raped by Andy Johnson, a man Stephanie Forrester hired to pursue her. (2007)
Pushed by a disguised Kimberly Fairchild through a window. (2000)
Was shot by Sheila Carter who also shot Taylor Hayes (2002).
Had a miscarriage with Bill Spencer's baby. (2013)
Slapped by Stephanie Forrester (1988, 1989, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2010).
Punched by Stephanie Forrester (1999)
Strangled by Stephanie Forrester with a telephone chord. (2007)
Slapped by Taylor Hayes Forrester (1993).
Slapped by Bridget Forrester (1998).
Crashed into Bill Spencer's car (2012).
Slapped to the ground by Quinn Fuller Sharpe (2014).
Diagnosed with alcoholism (2014).
Slapped by Katie Logan (Jan 2016).
Accidentally pushed into a pool at The Forrester Mansion by Ridge Forrester & hit her head in the pool (1993)


She has been married to (7) men. hihi.jpg
She is an original character.

Her and her sister Katie Logan were not very fond of each other at one point.
She has an ongoing relationship with Ridge Forrester.
She has (5) children, Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Hope Logan, R.J. Forrester, and Jack Marone.
She has an ongoing rivalry with Taylor Hayes.


The Wicked Witch of the East

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